Warning: Facebook Now Turns on Video Sound in Your News Feed Automatically

Remember when you casually scrolled through your Facebook News Feed on your phone, knowing that no one around you will hear the sounds of, well, adult videos, bad music, plain screaming or whatever it is that Facebook deems appropriate to show you in your Feed?

Yeah, that’s over now. In its official Newsroom, the company has announced that they will now autoplay AND autosound videos in your feed. Apparently, they have beta-tested it on a group of users and received positive feedback (really?) so now everyone is getting it.

The good part is, if your phone is on silent, the sound will not be turned on automatically. Also you can disable this featurecompletely.

A few improvement tweaks were made to vertical videos (larger preview).

The best part of this update is undoubtedly the possibility to watch a video and scroll through your feed at the same time. The video can be reduced to a picture-in-picture view and dragged around the screen to adjust position.

Oh, and a new Facebook video app for TV will be rolled out soon. We’ll keep monitoring for updates. Stay tuned!

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